Collaborative Idea Generation

This morning, the #iTrinityteam excitedly presented our iPad project ideas to 100+ trainee teachers at the University of Plymouth, an incredible opportunity made possible thanks to Pete Yeomans (@ethinking), a lecturer at the University. The team presented with great confidence and clarity, depicting our project aims and objectives incredibly effectively. The entire classroom (and lecture theatre!) was buzzing with children (and students!) engaged and excited by having the opportunity to collaboratively generate ideas with others in an entirely different location.

As the children and students began posting their ideas on the wall that @oliverquinlan had set up for the session, the power and learning potential of this connection became instantly obvious. With some thought-provoking prompts and questions from Pete via the Skype link, the children were actively engaged in divergent thinking, bouncing concepts off each other, contemplating, evaluating and synthesising ideas as they sought to find an idea strong enough to raise the money.  

Our next task is to search through the huge amount of ideas that have been generated, to discuss the potential of each one and decide where we go from here; to begin to think in a more convergent manner in order to finalise some firm solutions to our ‘problem’.

Engaging. Exciting. Collaborative. Innovative. Progressive. These are some of the words that come to my mind when reflecting on today’s session. This has sparked a whole new way of thinking for the children and staff of the #iTrinityteam and not only generated some fantastic ideas for raising funds for a class set of iPads, but more fundamental pedagogic ideas that we can take with us back to daily classroom learning and teaching. I will expand on these ideas in future posts soon, once I’ve fully digested all this excitement! šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Collaborative Idea Generation

  1. Hi!I was in the lecture this morning and really enjoyed collaborating with your class!Can’t wait to hear about how you and the rest of the iTrinity team get on! Good luck!!

  2. Tell ur kids I have ??10 – they need to make me want to buy something from them for ??10 – how much profit can they make šŸ˜‰

  3. I will let them know at this week’s meeting. We’ve got lots to sort out and this will be top of our agenda! šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Alex, Im in my 3rd year at Plymouth, and have been in an ICT seminar with oliver, looking at different blogs and i think i may have found something which could be a good idea for you guys. this is the link to the post : short the class has created their own buisness and made a little cafe which you could do serving at break and lunch time snack… giving each child the responsibility.for example peeler, dishwasher, table setter etc. I guess this could also be used as a one off also. Either way the kids would love the involvement and the HANDS ON ACTIVITY!! Hope the project is going well and you and your class are full to the brim with ideas! thanks Katie Souter(I’m on twitter :!/kaytee_123)

  5. Hi Alex,I’m a BEd Year 3 who was in the lecture the other day, I really enjoyed being able to throw some ideas your way. I had a thought last night that might help you. There is an American vlogger called iJustine, you can see all her stuff on youtube. She’s a massive fan of apple products and i’m sure she could help you with some publicity if you tweeted her! Joseph McCann

  6. Whoops! Forgot to say I would love to hear if anything comes of that suggestion!I’m @josephsmccann on twitterJoseph McCann

  7. Thanks for these ideas guys! I’ll respond to you in a bit more length this weekend as I’m just in school about to party on at the disco! Haha! I’ll definitely take these ideas to the iTrinity team and let you know what happens!! šŸ™‚

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