Having read about and discussed the benefits of using blogs in teaching, I thought it was about time that I set up my own blog…in the hope that someone, somewhere might find the things I have to say vaguely interesting.

I am a 3rd year (out of 4) trainee teacher at the University of Plymouth, specialising in Primary Education with English. I am passionate about using ICT and new technologies to improve my practice and enhance learning opportunities in the classroom.

I was a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in Taunton (UK) before enrolling at the University of Plymouth to continue my studies. During my time as a TA, I promoted the use of podcasting and animation to deliver aspects of the curriculum in a very engaging and stimulating way – the school still continue this today. If you are interested you can follow the children’s podcasts at www.parkfieldschool.co.uk

Hopefully you will find aspects of my blog interesting and useful in some ways.

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