#Naace14 Conference Friday Breakout Session 1

Rob Curran Using CoderDojo principles to inspire and enhance learning

As a mentor, Rob says he is learning all the time and that attending CoderDojos develop his understanding too. *I think this is what many teachers will experience as we implement a new curriculum for computing. This is a great aspect of the new curriculum that teachers should embrace, even though for some it may be daunting. Excellent way of engaging young people and their parents in learning something new. Children remixing standard scratch games to change background, costumes, speed of movement, etc. *Links to ‘remix’ that was mentioned this morning. ‘Skill set determines what is on offer – but not necessarily what takes place!’ Children always present and talk about their work at the end of the dojo.

CoderDojo resources available open source to all. Available here. These come with a health warning – resources are not always easy to follow by someone who has not lead a session like that before.

Pertinent question from audience around CRB checks for adults supporting the young people at dojos. Working with Hays Recruitment to ensure all adults are checked.

‘Be the guide on the side’ is a saying that also came up in the flipped learning session yesterday. *As a teaching approach, this supports learning across the curriculum and is not just useful when introducing coding concepts. 

Questions from audience

Any comments on how to achieve this standard of learning inside school without parents at learners sides with computing skill sets? This is an issue for us all to consider. These sort of events could be run between schools in a local area and therefore learn from each other (and perhaps invite specialist teachers to lead and other teachers learn alongside). A little like sports events where schools are all invited to one space to complete sports activities, perhaps there could be locally organised coding events. 

Issues surrounding pupil engagement, especially in areas of deprivation where parental involvement might not be so strong. Narrowing the digital divide? 

Comment from audience – In a class situation when learning coding (and other things!) the model of learning in groups and teams can be used to effect.

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