NQT Target: Plenaries

This post from @reflectivemaths has been really helpful in providing me with some fantastic ideas to improve my planning and consideration of plenaries (thank you!). He has shared a great document with some clear and simple ideas for effective plenaries in maths. Searching Scribd for more ideas proved very successful and below are 2 examples of documents that provide more examples of plenaries (some are repeated) that could be used across the curriculum.

Developing the plenary session in my lessons is one of my targets this term and these will definitely help me work towards improving my practice. I particularly like the ‘List 3 things your partner has learnt today’ prompt. This will really help children reflect on their learning through focused discussions with a partner and help them put this into words as they have to explain and verbalise their learning to the each other. 


50 ideas Plenaries


Plenary Activities

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