#mspiluk2011 Guerilla Teaching and Learning

Daniel Raven-Ellison & Alan Parkinson, Mission:Explore

Mission: Explore

How can you engage children to go out and explore more and engage them with geography and learning on their own terms. 

Guerilla: unusual in some way in this instance. They have taken learning to festivals…educators in a field!

3 Key Ideas


Geography (everything happens somewhere)
Get lost somewhere you can’t get lost.

From a holiday to Malaga to itching your back
Asking questions and searching for answers 

Time travellers
If you could, what would you do differently, what would you change? Actually, we all are time travelling; we are moving through time.You can determine your narrative, your future. We are space travellers, and space ships.

Exploration is everyday, inevitable and accessible. 


Understanding = experience + imagination
Need to give children experience so they can imagine things and think about how a future may look.


We need more skate parks!



Guerilla gardening: it’s OK to plant pansies on other people’s land.

Urban Earth – google it.

Guerilla Education: Helping people to see the world in new ways and how we can get the world to see people in new ways. 

Tricking people into learning.

Irregular, critiral and creative activities

Ask: what if? So what?

How far can you travel while sucking on a mint? The learning opportunities are immense.



Planning, what do you need to prepare for your mission? How are you going to carry it out? How can you record what you’ve found? How are you going to share? 

Yii-Fu Tuan 1977 quote about experience.


Play hide and seek but with an elaborate hat on. Completely changes the way tasks are presented.

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