#mspiluk2011 Computing: the science of nearly everything

Dr Tom Crick

‘Computing at school’ (CAS) organisation

Computing ‘gives children the ability to shape the digital world they live in’.

Hypothesis 1: ICT, as currently taught in UK schools, is not fit for purpose.

You could argue it is fit for a purpose, but not for the purpose needed.

Exam boards are in it to make money. They design courses that will attract the most subscribers; they sell qualifications. 

Problem solving should be mandatory.

Just because you can use Microsoft Office, does not mean you can teach ICT. Just because you’ve been to France, does not qualify you as an effective teacher of the French language.

We should equip the future workforce with skills and understanding to empower them to solve problems that do not yet exist. 

Renaming is seen as a solution to a problem. IT was boring and dull, ICT was wonderful as it was multimedia and video etc. Is there a similar problem for GBL?

ICT still seems to many to be something that you ‘do’, rather than a set of tools or processes that you can use for specific purposes. 

Too much fixation on the word ‘computer’ in ‘computer science’. Computer Science needs to be identified as a rigorous discipline alongside mathematics, science, history etc. It’s about exploring principles, ideas and techniques rather than a training in out-dated skills. It embodies computational thinking, problem-solving and deeper analytical skills.

I would argue this is the same for ‘ICT’ at a Primary level. 

Great discussion followed this and I got distracted from making notes! 🙂


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