Andy Hutt @ #tmclevedon


Clevedon School

iPhone ‘pocket announcer’ app to introdce @ictevangelist in an x-factoresque way.


Keynote with Andy Hutt

Progress, pace, pzazz is the focus; Andy believes creativity underpins this.

Ken Robinson’s TED talk. 

Elizabeth Gilbert – eat, pray, love. 

The myth of talent and the power of practice – hard work can get you along way.

You don’t need to be creative…to be creative. Skills, practice and structure are good.

We often teach for compliance, forgetting that it’s OK to take a risk, get things wrong.


Some tools: (pupils can set up an idea and others can comment in 20 characters on that idea) – looks fantastic! (publishing.printing in paperback) (online books/school prospectus available online) (good for scripts)

Podcasting – audacity, send to posterous, which will create an mp3 file and RSS feed (3D pop-up stories with augmented reality)


Will school leaders say that it’s OK for teachers to take a risk, to fail and make mistakes and not to know all the answers? YES!

Some great tools shared and important ideas related to teachers having the confidence to take risks, fail and learn from pupils!



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