Presentations #tmclevedon

Google Forms – Mark Anderson

You can run a script on google forms that will mark tests or quizzes for you!

Google forms > insert > script > search for flubaroo > insert/authorise


QR codes – Donna Hay

Create codes really quickly at

Treasure hunt around school to find questions.

Humanities department revision trail around school. 

Place QR codes around and display work

Blog reviews about books children are reading, attach QR code to back of book so the others can see the reviews (could be an audio review too) – creates random passwords for those who can’t think of one – will tell you how secure your password is! 


Loads of stuff – Gavin Smart

linoit – bit like wallwisher or primarywall. Stop a lesson and ask ch to post what they have learnt so far in that lesson. Also available on iPhone or iPad – good feature.

popplet – mind mapping tool avec videos, photos, links. iPhone and iPad app availale too.

iWebcamera – using iPhone as a projector to share work during lessons – awesome looking tool!

Good websites for maths starters – Year 8 Digital Leaders Cody and Lewis

Concentration memory game –


Chris Baker @edubaker 


Email twitter links to posterous blog instead of drowning in tweets! 


Noel Jenkins

Posterous for homework setting

Children responsible for their own blogs


Dave Gale @reflectivemaths

Pictures to inspire (maths)

Prezi is here.


Jamie Portman – In School TeachMeets

Ducati model of meetings – focus on improving teaching and learning.

Resist temptation to focus on a whole school priority during teachmeets. Instead they are about sharing ideas – use this model in school. Build upon others ideas. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

How good do you want to be?

@jamieportman ‘s blog can be found here.


Ian Addison – Virtual Presentation – games to support learning. Questions assigned to any game you choose. – maths games, logic games requiring thinking. Flood fill game – set on IWB and children will discuss strategies and work together. – tons of games from everywhere!


[Lost internet connection 😦 ]


David Didau – The Learning Loop


Scheme of Learning developed with Year 9 pupils.

Growth Mindsets – changing mindsets just by knowing about them.

Youtube clip – independence – ‘stuck on an elevator’.

Learning dispositions shared and discussed with students.


Julia Skinner – Quadblogging and #100wc

@theheadsoffice @deputymitchell

Quadblogging – giving an audience for your blogs.

100 words to write a creative piece based on a prompt from Julia.

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