It’s almost 6 moths since I completed my BEd course at the University of Plymouth but recently my university email account has been rapidly filling up with new emails from the vision and values module discussion boards, where current fourth year students are beginning their #vandv journey. It got me thinking back to this time last year when I myself was beginning this journey, and when my brain was aching from thinking deeply about the true purpose of education. I thoroughly enjoyed this module as I was encouraged to contemplate the origins of our education system and as it forced me to examine various people’s views on the role of education in our society.

During this time, I was updating my blog regularly as a way of processing my thoughts and consolidating my understanding of the range of wider reading I was working through. Having just looked back at these posts on my previous blog (found here), I thought I would repost the links in the hope that they will be useful for others. 

The Postmodern Embrace

Civil Disobedience

Surveillance Culture and Education

So, what should education be for?

As I approach the end of my first term as a qualified teacher, I look forward to having the time to reflect on my experience so far in relation to my own vision and values…but that will have to wait until half term! đŸ™‚

One thought on “#vandv

  1. Well Sir!Hows it all going? You in the Plym over half term? @jodieworld will be in town – if u fancy getting together

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