Newly Qualified and Loving It!


As I approach my thrid week as a qualified teacher and as it has been a ridiculously long time since my last post, I thought it was about time I reflected on these last couple of weeks.

It’s been a very tiring couple of weeks, in part because I haven’t been in ‘school mode’ since April 1st, when my final BEd placement finished (wow, I still can’t believe it’s finished!), but I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It has also not been easy; being observed in the first full week of teaching by my mentor and a LA advisor (who, as it turned out, was my Year 5 teacher!) was pretty stressful, though it went well and I was happy with the feedback I recieved. Despite this, I’ve loved getting to know my new class (who are awesome!) and the staff, all of whom are incredibly supportive – I’ve been very, very lucky to find such a welcoming and caring school.

My school’s curriculum is based around areas of learning, rather than discrete subjects, which in my opinion, is a very progressive way to structure teaching and learning. I have already seen how this allows for real connections to be made between subjects and how engaging and exciting it is for children to become fully immersed in a topic. All our curriculum work last week was based around the Tudors, our first topic for the next 2 terms, which ended with a mock Battle of Bosworth (or capture the flag with shields!) and it was clear just how the chidlren had progressed in a relatively short amount of time. It’s not the easiest to plan for, but having a strong Y4/5 team has helped me see how it can be done effectively. 

Looking forward, I am excited about implementing a class blog and finding other ways to utilise technology in my classroom. I am hoping that children in my class will develop the independence and the skills to take control of their own learning. I too, hope to instil in these children a confidence that leads them to take risks and not to worry about making mistakes, for this is where learning can be most valuable. Hopefully, I can achieve this whilst ticking those boxes of everyday school life; I will certainly put my all into it. 

Wow, this post was really hard to write as it has been so long. I totally understand how 6 weeks off over the summer can impact children in school now!


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