Mathew McFall

Agent of wonder

What makes you wonder? Link to ed. and learning

Bringing chaos back

Cabinet of curiosities

unexpected successes – safe, entered by letters not numbers – needed the correct word. 

[children as agents of wonder]

magic maths square – diagnols etc all add to 34 – describe the patterns, draw lines of the patterns. 

puzzles – 4 cubes, different coloured circles on each side. have to arrange them so that all sides show differet colour

simple puzzles that heighten ingenuity

What does the word wonder mean to you?



Dave Wise

3D printing

Democratisation of additive technologies – started in industry, now available to all.

Students designing products + making + cheap



Usint twewitter in the classroom – home learning, connecting with parents, school trips, inspired children, revision tips and advice, REDLAND Green school.

twitter backchannel – great resource, just so many schools cant see it! Problems with filtering etc.


Evie Norman






Extending G+T students

Students need to believe that intelligence is malleable, not fixed.

believe in themselves. just by being g+t you arent going to achieve without working.

cultivate the mentality that it is better to try harder stuff – the more impossible the more your brain will grow.

‘never hire people with exceptionally high grades’ – they havent experienced failure




7ideas in 7mins




physicsgames? redstar




infant encyclopedia




Donna Hay

Googlesites – ch create their own websites

jigsaw planet – create a jigsaw of your LO for the lesson – ch are focused on it



telescopic text- create for each other to see how they have expanded on initial texts.


Simon Bevis


presentation on sliderocket


Aurasma – website AR

The Guardian EyE Witness



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