Year 3’s Roman Catapults!


Another quick post…

Over the last few weeks, my class have been designing, marking, measuring, cutting and assembling their own Roman catapults in DT. I am so pleased with the children’s end products and am incredibly proud of their patience, dedication and hard work! 

The children were overwhelmingly engaged, enthused and excited during this topic, which has made me really appreciate the value of project-based work. The children also identified themselves, the skills they were using and developing throughout this work. They highlighted that numeracy, literacy and science skills played an important part in their ability to produce these catapults and recognised the new skills they had developed in a range of curriculum areas. I also highlighted that teamwork was one of the fundamental skills that they had developed during this project, which has since contributed to a heightened sense of ‘team spirit’ in the classroom. The children also showed great maturity in their ability to keep themselves safe, creating a list of safety rules and following them to the exact detail. 

This task also exemplified the crucial role additional adults and parents play in effective learning. Without the dedication of the teaching assistants (who stayed behind after school to help me make a prototype!) and the offer of parental help, this project would not have run as amazingly as it has!


I have learnt a lot from this project and am
looking forward to doing something similar

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