Wallwisher as an online learning wall

I recently used wallwisher during an ICT/History lesson on the Romans.

The children’s task was to research the Romans using their Internet searching skills and then summarise and post their information on wallwisher.


I was keen to use this wallwisher as an ‘online learning wall’ that can be added to throughout our Roman topic, and that the children can add to from home, with the link. 

Children’s safety was of paramount importance. Before the lesson, we recapped how to keep safe online and the children themselves decided on the ‘safe use’ instructions for using this tool, including only using first names and never giving out personal information in posts. 

Learning walls are a great tool in the classroom, to allow children to see their learning and view their progress throughout a topic. However, like many other classroom strategies, they are limited as they are not accessible to children from outside the school environment. 

I firmly believe that children (in fact, people in general!) are constantly learning. Utilising this online space, children’s ‘out of class’ learning can be recognised and added to the learning wall and then viewed by all members of the class, and other classes all over the world. The skills of recording, sharing, communicating and cultivating information are crucial to children’s development and this provided me with a way of embedding this development within this topic. 

The personalisation of learning is something that I am passionate about and, as such, this online learning wall can now provide me with a more detailed understanding of children’s knowledge and therefore, allow me to more effectively plan for the children’s in-school learning. In fact, the children themselves could plan their future learning opportunities based on what they know have learnt. 

This is definitely a tool that I will be using in my practice a lot more from now on!

This post is a bit ‘all over the place’ and perhaps, not particularly clear, but I lost the one that I was really pleased with as my wifi went down! Doh! 

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