Ofsted Visit!

Today, I was observed by Ofsted as part of my university’s inspection. I was incredibly nervous about the lesson observation even though, technically, the focus was on the university.

The lesson went incredibly well. The children all worked really well, were all focused on their tasks and showed they had a great understanding of instructions from all our previous work! I was ‘proper chuffed’ and really proud of the children!

Before the visit, I had thoroughly planned the lesson, considering where the children were, where they needed to be challenged and where their future learning was heading. I realised that the key to the success of this lesson was the planning and was reminded by my tutor of the saying:

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.

Obviously, this is not a new realisation to me, or to anyone in teaching! However, it was one of those moments when everything clicks and you realise why you have been practising planning for the last 4 years! 

However, whilst I completely agree with this saying, it is important to recognise the value of child-led, spontaneous learning opportunities that can arise during any lesson. I thoroughly believe that children should be involved in their learning and inviting them to plan lessons would be a very interesting idea! I worked closely with Y4 staff and teachers in my placement last year, who involved the children in planning their term’s work, including choosing the key skills and topics they were to study. 

Perhaps, if we ‘fail to let children plan, we plan to let children fail’. This sounds really harsh and perhaps some may think ridiculous! But I think what I mean is that if we involve children in the planning process, then we help them directly engage with their in-school learning and develop the skills needed to take control of their learning in the future. 

Now, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this and I’m incredibly tired so may have to revisit this later! I just wanted to briefly reflect on my Ofsted experience today! 

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