It’s been a while…

With 17 days left to go before I technically qualify as a teacher, I thought it was about time for a quick reflection on my final practice so far. 

This practice has given me the opportunity to fully put theory into practice, and to take full responsibility for leading the learning of 33 Year 3 children.

I cannot believe how quickly the last 8 weeks have gone. Having spent a year out of school, studying at university, it was certainly a shock to the system to be back in ‘teacher mode’…especially the early mornings! However, I got back into the swing of things very quickly and am now excited about securing my first qualified teacher post for September. 

I am really enjoying my final practice and have been very lucky to be placed in a very supportive school, with great staff and a dedicated tutor, who really genuinely care about my development as a trainee. I think this has been a crucial factor to my success and really appreciate the advice and guidance I have received. 

As Ofsted are inspecting the university’s ITTE programmes, I am due to be observed in the next couple of weeks. Having just experienced an Ofsted inspection at my school, I am aware of the pressures faced by staff undergoing an observation and am myself preparing as fully as I can for their visit. As nervous as I am, I think this experience will be a great learning curve; I just hope it goes well!

Over the course of this placement, I have tried to share some of the innovative practice I have seen being used by members of my personal learning network on twitter. I’ve introduced the use of a social media network in Y6 and started a Skype link with another classroom. In my class, we’ve used google earth to explore Rome, created our own online comics and thought about how we could use google forms to collect data. 

However, I have realised that for any of this to happen, effective classroom and behaviour management strategies need to be established and positive, constructive relationships with children need to be secured. I think I achieved this quickly, but have also realised that this needs to be constantly reinforced, especially after half term breaks. I have also realised that if lessons are not interesting, engaging or exciting for children, their attitude is greatly impacted. 

Everyday has been different and everyday I have learnt something new. I hope the children in my class have felt the same!

Time to chill now. Not sure if this post was interesting for anyone to read, but it has definitely helped me think about some of the things I have learnt so far!

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