Are sharks arrogant?


Today I had my first experience of the ‘come if you want, don’t bother if you don’t want to’ style seminar sessions that will be running throughout my vision and values module this term. For the first time in a long time, my brain actually hurt after the session (from thinking so much) and the discussions I participated in were deep, meaningful and incredibly interesting. We were encouraged to raise points that we were personally interested in, and to direct the learning conversations towards issues that we wanted to learn about.

Below are some of the questions that were asked and formulated as a result of the discussions. We didn’t have time to discuss them all, however the fact that they were raised proved the depth of thinking. I thought it would just be interesting to share them in the hope that the discussion can continue.

How can we govern and get to a holistic vision of education?

Are there different perceptions of holism?

Do we teach for results?

Who has the right to define humanity?

If we change education, we change society. Would society be happy?

If humanity drives education – what does it mean to be human? What should it mean to be human?

What makes someone intelligent?

Can we learn by ourselves with no interaction?

Is teaching manipulation? Is there a difference?

Can you be truly human in a society if humanity means choice, freedom, etc?

Is teaching the manipulation of thought to achieve social outcome and expectation?

Is the fact that we can’t define creativity a signal that we haven’t been taught creatively?

Should we just get rid of the word creativity?

What happens in school that stops the development of children’s innately enquiring minds?

Are A* students always a societal success?

Are sharks arrogant? (Yeah, not sure how we got to this – it was somewhere between discussing the innate capabilities of animals compared to humans and who is more intelligent).

Image: Richard Ling (here)

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