Vision and Values

I am embarking upon a new module entitled ‘Vision and Values’. This module is all about generating and realising our own educational ethos and is centred around the question ‘What is education for?’

Whilst starting to browse for some interesting articles/information related to this question, I stumbled upon the website ‘school survival’, which seeks to offer support for those who ‘hate’ school. Those young people who are disengaged by the institutions in which they spend the majority of their childhood.

I have picked a few quotes out that raise some interesting points. As I am beginning to consider the point/value/role/worth of education, beginning with a brief consideration of schools seems a good starting point as this is where typically, we view educational transactions as taking place (not that this is the only place, or indeed necessarily the best).

‘There is nothing wrong with hating school, there is nothing wrong with hating being forced to go someplace you don’t want to and being “taught” things that don’t interest you in ways that would kill you if boredom were lethal.’

‘They say school is for learning? Well, being bored is hardly any way to learn anything! No wonder hardly anyone remembers what they were forced to memorize at school. School isn’t about learning, it’s about training people to be obedient to those with authority over them.’

‘Don’t trust school to ‘educate’ you – only you can be trusted with that!’

I could spend a long time analysing these quotes, too long for one blog post. Therefore, I will briefly (and rather disorderly) try and note a few of the things I find interesting and worthy of closer scrutiny at a later stage.

Children are forced to go to school; it is not a choice. Is this a bad thing?

Issues surrounding authoritarian figures, totalitarianism and obedience are raised.

Boredom is highlighted as a large factor of disengagement and disaffection.

Trust. Who should be trusted with the role of educating?

What does it mean to educate?

What should it mean to educate?

What about those children who do enjoy school?

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