Wordle Revelations


Thought I would paste my ICT assignment in Wordle as another way to check it through and make sure I’m on the right lines. Considering the assessment surrounds the ability to justify the use of ICT in planned activities, the Wordle shows that I am definitely focused on the right area (children’s learning). However, it does make me wonder just how many times I use those words!

Aside from me checking my assignment, the Wordle image also highlights the most important aspect to consider when using ICT in the classroom; the technologies impact on children’s learning. Ofsted (2009, p.36) find previous attempts to use ICT to improve learning across subjects limited in their outcome as a result of a lack of consideration of its impacts on learning in teachers planning. Whilst I am aware this is not a new issue with regards to using ICT in the classroom, it is still hugely important to consider how and why we use technology in our teaching. This is where, for me, twitter has helped me improve my understanding of the impacts ICTs can have on learning. Its power lays in opening up teachers and educators to effective, innovative practice that seeks to utilise the learning opportunities ICTs provide.

So, whilst some are exploring the possibility that ‘twitter is dead’ (see below) in terms of its uptake by students (a finding similar to that of my own research – not yet completed), it is very much alive in the hands of collections of educators. More teachers need to be exposed to the potential of twitter, in order for effective practice to become more wide spread and to allow more children to experience effective learning opportunities that are being created by teachers and supported by technology.

Tony McNeill – presented at #pelc10

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