Exercise books of the future?

Leaked images and video of a new Microsoft development detail a new ‘journal-like’ tablet that will surely rival the iPad. Judging by the video, it is going to be pretty awesome. The educational benefits of a product like this are vast, and very exciting.

So far I have thought of a few ways the Microsoft Courier could be used in the classroom. Ultimately, there would be no need for individual exercise books for individual subjects. All the child’s work could be stored on the device, easily accessible from wherever the learning is taking place.

The children could be given a device at the start of their schooling and it could follow them through until they left school, with the ability for the learner to track their progress over the course of their learning. The devices could be taken home, for children to continue their learning outside the classroom, and they could document this as part of their learning profile.

If the devices could be networked, marking could take place from the teachers device, meaning piles of books need not be lugged home every evening.

This device bridges the gap between tablet PC and exercise book. In fusing the 2, we have digital exercise books with access to the internet, a camera and a whole new world of opportunity. It reignites the debate for handwriting in schools and the need to be able to write without a keyboard.

Ultimately, this kind of device would be an incredibly useful tool in the classroom that would empower children to take their learning beyond the walls of the school domain in a way that no other hardware allows. I am sure there are many more ways this device could be used in education, just need to keep thinking!

p.s. Sorry about the ‘notey’ post.

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