General Thoughts…

One benefit of using Twitter over other blogging technologies is that it removes the barrier that a lot of writers face, that of the ‘fear’ of the blank page. Boy’s are often negative about the amount of work and labour associated with writing tasks (Daly, 2003), Twitter’s limit of 140 characters per post could help overcome this.

Forms of writing have changed. Kress (2003) details how it is possible that writing will become ‘subordinate to the logic of visual in many or all of its uses’. ‘Subordinate’ to me carries negative connotations, however I do not believe that it is necessarily a bad thing that writing is moving away from the page and on to the screen. What is the point of teaching children to hand write if in their, future pens will cease to be of any use? Who knows what will happen in years to come.

Having said this, I do still value the traditional methods of writing and believe there will always be a place for them in our world. The important thing for me is, if technologies can take away transcriptional barriers to writing then we should manipulate and make use of them.

Kress (2003) also discusses that increasingly, images will replace writing. I would argue that on screen writing, is still valuable, even if it is projected as images on a screen. Surely the compositional aspects of writing should be valued highly?

Maybe I’m not fully understanding these ideas…re-reading needed.

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