Dissertation time!

Having just finished my 3rd Year placement it is now time to get back to the academic side of the course. With modules coming at me from every angle it is sure to be a hard term here in Plymouth! Despite this, I am looking forward to it, and am already excited about my dissertation research project for my English module.

We are choosing our own focus for the research; a freedom that I enjoy having. Initial ideas surrounding the use of new technologies and their impact on the teaching and learning of English appealed to me and so I set out researching the areas within this to focus on.

I have decided to focus on twitter and its educational potential within English, specifically writing. I am beginning to clarify my research question; something that is proving difficult. I wish to focus on the impact using twitter could have on attitudes or attainment in boys writing. It is clear from the wealth of writing on the internet that twitter is beneficial when used in education, however, I wish to focus specifically on teaching and learning in writing.

If anyone has any thoughts/feelings towards this idea, or any ideas they wish to contribute, please leave a comment or get in touch!

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